Photo credit:  Nicholas Nyland

Photo credit: Nicholas Nyland

Elise Richman has exhibited her work nationally in commercial galleries, non-profit spaces, and university galleries. Her paintings are included in private collections in San Francisco; New York; Washington, DC; Baltimore; and Seattle as well as The Hallie Ford Museum, King County, the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, and the City of Tacoma. 

Her innovative, process-driven paintings explore elements of the material world and states of flux. In her work the material potential of paint acts as a metaphor for distinct aspects of the material world. Additionally, her work honors color relativity and interaction as a powerful model for nuanced, contextual thinking.  Colors change based on context, they are affected by surrounding colors. I am interested in color’s ability to be expansive and inclusive. 

Richman was a recipient of the 2014 Greater Tacoma Community Foundation art award, 2014 and 2017 Davis teaching awards, and was finalist for a 2015 Neddy Award in painting. She is also active in the campus and broader community, serving as a co-chair of the 2010 and 2014 National Race and Pedagogy Conference’s Arts and Special Events committees as well as on the Advisory Board of The Tacoma Art Museum’s 30 Americans.   She also writes about art, publishing, “The Ethics of Painting:  Aesthetics, Affect, and Agency,” The International Journal of Arts and History in 2015.