Artist Statement


My paintings reference water, which I observe in the natural world, through aerial photographic images, Google earth, and in the more controlled studio environment where I generate ripples in a wave tank.  Water’s dynamic fluidity, relevance to political and social issues and its physical properties operate on optical and metaphorical levels in my paintings.

Color relativity and interaction is powerful and provides a model for nuanced, contextual thinking.  Colors change based on context, they are affected by surrounding colors. I am interested in color’s ability to be expansive and inclusive.  My work honors the inherent properties of a wide range of pigments and explores how these properties respond to other pigments’ defining optical and material properties. 

I use a range of processes and types of paint to visualize the affective power of elemental visual effects and interdependent visual relationships to convey a socially engaged message.  A fundamental concern drives my work as it continues to evolve.  I’m interested in creating paintings that embody an integral connection between process and form; this interplay mirrors the natural world and social dynamics.